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Nearby are other vacation homes, built Venice-like on the sea.  Swim, snorkel or kayak ten minutes around the gazebo on your left, and you will find yourself on Princess Nina's island; ten minutes in the other direction will take you into the Blue Lagoon (see the Outings page for more information); a ten-minute walk will take you up to Goblin Hill, our sister property, with its acres of lawns, innumerable birds, flowers, swimming pool, tennis courts, bar and Hummingbird Terrace where you can observe the hovering of mango hummingbirds as well as the spectacular indigenous, streamer-tailed Doctor Bird, the national bird and all-around symbol of Jamaica. 
The lush lawns at Goblin Hill make you want to kick off your shoes and feel the thick grass under your feet.  The Almond Tree Overlook gives a picture perfect view of Princess Nina's island, and has been the site of many beautiful weddings.  It provides a peaceful spot for lazing in a hammock or reading in planter's chairs overlooking San San Bay.
For birdwatchers, Goblin Hill's eleven and a half acres are home to 22 species of indigenous birds, and many other migratory species.


Ask the helpful front desk staff for the wi-fi password, and assistance with any excursions you'd like to go on, or any other
information you may need.



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