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A few guest comments.

"Paradise...My stay at Crystal Cove has been beyond description.  Myrtle is one of the most kind and professional women I have ever met."


 - K.A., Huntington Beach, CA, USA

"If I could live anywhere forever, this would be it... I will go home, cook Jamaican, and plan for our next visit."


 - A.N., Bigfork, MT, USA

"This has been the best family vacation I have had!  The house was spectacular, the food was amazing, and the staff unforgettable.  This is not my first time to Jamaica, but it will remain in my memory as the best Jamaican vacation yet."


 - M.A., Hoboken, NJ, USA

"Impossible to leave without thoughts of return."

 - J.G., Minneapolis, MN, USA

"This was a writer's paradise.  I was enchanted."


 - J.M., New York, NY, USA

"A beautiful villa.  We had a wonderful time.  Myrtle, Richard and Cynthia did a fantastic job of looking after us...delicious cooking...we are all going back a little bit heavier.  P.S., If you ever think of selling Crystal Cove we would be very interested!"


 - P.Z., Dusseldorf, Germany

"The best place I've ever seen! Absolutely wonderful spot.  Great meals, excellent service."


 - F.D., Rome, Italy


"Beauty is everywhere! The land, sea, mountains and ​sky.  Myrtle and Yvonne are our sisters who take really good care of us. Part of me will stay here with them."

- E.G., Annapolis, Maryland, USA



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