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A wealth of exotic options

National dish ackee and saltfish, pumpkin soup, bammy, festival and the catch of the day, baked plantain, home-made ice cream or coconut pie for dessert, Red Stripe and Appleton rum - Jamaican food is a joy to try.  Or just ask Myrtle for your favourite dishes.

A visit to the main Port Antonio market with Myrtle on a Friday or Saturday can provide an insiders’ look into daily Jamaican life.

For a taste of Europe, our neighbour Vera from Belgium makes delicious pastries, cheesecakes and croissants. Ask us before 6pm for delivery the next day so we can call in time.

Dining out in Port Antonio


Options include:

  • Woody's, a charming spot in nearby Drapers, for hamburgers, veggie burgers, excellent home-made ginger beer made from a secret recipe, and other casual fare

  • Ital...ish, for healthy, hearty simple dishes, just past Boston Beach

  • Jerk pork and chicken from Cee Lee near Boston Beach (call by 10:30am)

  • Jamaican delicacies at Soldier Camp and Wilks.

  • Asian fusion at GeeJam resort’s Bushbar (Reservations required)

  • Upscale dining at the Trident Hotel - Weekend supper club and jazz (Reservations requested)

  • Jamaican and Continental cuisine along with an interesting and enjoyable Saturday evening Jamaican dance presentation at Great Huts hotel on Boston Bay

  • Fresh organic local ingredients and nouvelle Jamaican cuisine at Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s Mille Fleurs restaurant (Reservations requested)

  • Italian staples at the casual Italian Job in Port Antonio.

  • ...and casual poolside meals at the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio, followed by a delicious Devon House ice cream on the harbourside marina promenade. 



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