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Dear Guest,
Welcome to Crystal Cove, San San and Port Antonio, Jamaica. This area is acknowledged to be the most beautiful and unspoiled corner of the island, tucked away between the foothills of the Blue Mountains amidst lush, tropical vegetation, and the warm, crystalline Caribbean Sea.
At  Crystal Cove, facing a panoramic view of a turquoise mini-lagoon protected by a reef with the blue Caribbean sea beyond, are:

    Three air-conditioned bedrooms with ceiling fans
   Three bathrooms
   A study
   Indoor living and dining room and bar, and spacious kitchen
   Outdoor dining terrace shaded by an almond tree
   An indoor-outdoor open living room off the terrace
   An upstairs terrace
   A dock with sunning deck
Step into your seemingly private 'sea-pool'  from the house.
Three kayaks take you in ten minutes into the Blue Lagoon, or to Princess Nina's Island or San San Beach.

Snorkelling equipment allows you to enjoy the shallow waters of the reef in front of the house, or a swim to the Island or Blue Lagoon.
A ten-minute walk away, visit our sister property, Goblin Hill Villas at San San, for tennis and swimming pool and acres of grounds, with hummingbirds, exotic heliconias and ginger flowers, and a bar.
Inside Crystal Cove is Wi-Fi, cable TV, a Bluetooth speaker,  and lots of books and magazines.  The kitchen has a microwave in addition to stove and refrigerator.  However, it is very unlikely you will have any need to prepare anything for yourself, except perhaps a very early morning coffee.
Our detailed Guest Letter for Goblin Hill, which you can right-click to open in a new tab or window below, provides more details of things to do in the area, suggestions for menus and information about Jamaican fruits and vegetables and spices, and how they are used.
A predetermined service charge has not been added to the villa rate, because we prefer that you reward our excellent and long-serving staff (over twelve years) for their superb service, efficiency and helpfulness, yourself. We are often asked for suggestions.  A standard tip, spread among the house-keeper/cook, the handyman, and assistant to the house-keeper, is 10% of the villa rental.  Many guests, who appreciate the food and service which keeps them mostly at home instead of trying many outside alternatives for meals, increase that percentage.  It's up to you!  A night watchman comes to work between 6pm and 6am.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and wish you a blissful holiday.



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